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Stories from BAR36

October 31, 2006



I promised some stories from the reunion. It was gorgeous up there and we had good weather for the week.

Initially, much of  my time was spent arranging and rearranging where people slept at Rough Cut so that everybody had a bed. 

We rented Birch and Hickory cabins and a loft over the garage. Two cabins were available right away, but we waited until Thursday for the loft space.

We made Hickory the Balta headquarters.

Pat and I went up on Tuesday. Doug offered to cart stuff up for us, but he wasn’t sure if he would get up there on Tuesday or Wednesday, so we gave him things we were sure we wouldn’t need right away.

We were the first there which worked well for us because we had lots of decisions to make about how to divide up supplies between the two cabins.

By the time Bill Shea and Dan Hayden arrived around 6 p.m., we had everything organized. Doug did make it up on Tuesday, so we ordered in pizza, had a case of Rolling Rock on ice and settled in for a night of smoozing outside on the porch.

The discussion was fairly lively among Bill, Pat and Dan. They were talking about space and time, and whether time exists or is simply a function of space. I sat there, bemused at the topic …where was Hog when I needed him?!

Speaking of Hog, he had called us Tuesday morning with the news that he had taken himself to the emergency room the night before with extreme abdominal pain. He was waiting for a diagnosis. (This dragged out all week.) By Friday, we knew he wasn’t coming….mainly because he was going under the knife that day. Later news was that his appendix had burst.

Other non-shows were Bob Hamlin and Lance Boyer. Hog’s absence was just barely excused because it fell under the label of death-impending illness. Hamlin had been dithering for weeks, enticing us with the fact that he had purchased airline tickets for Thursday. First he wasn’t well; then a friend who was also a community hero died and he decided to miss Bar36 to attend the service and rally for the guy. Hey Bob, you missed a great “rally” of friends in Pennsylvania. Lance also wimped out at the last minute because of job-related concerns.

On the bright side, we had two unplanned for additions…..Sparky …oh, excuse me …. Aaron Cotler….and Don Beeching. Sparky is on a solo jaunt across the U.S. and met up with Dan and Heidi and the McCowns in the east and came to the reunion with them on Wednesday. Don showed up at the last minute…..Sunday afternoon….and stayed that night and the next morning. All good.

This was the first reunion that I remember where so many people came early. I had initially planned on a small …more..