Good news and bad news: Flim Flam’s test results

Awh Sam, I’m thrilled that they made a mistake and at the same time, bitter about it and what it has caused you and your family.

I wonder if any of the rest of us have similar medical tales? 

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(Following is Mike’s account of the situation as he got it from Sam.)


Dear Friends-
For once in a long while I am the bearer of GOOD news – a bit of a convoluted story but GOOD News.
Sam called me this evening – I asked about his new charges and he said after a month the 2 youngsters of his niece that he is fostering have settled in and have quit fighting and quit being angry and are giving Sam some joy.  That’s not the really good news.
The good news is that Sam found out yesterday that he DOES NOT HAVE PROSTATE CANCER or any kind for that matter.  He went to the doctor’s office who had diagnosed him to pick up his records in order to go to a new doctor to get a second opinion.  The records were not ready but the office said they would FAX the pertinent records to the new doc immediately and send the remaining hard copies the next day – as Sam was driving to the new doc’s office, the old doc called him on his cell phone and asked if he could come back.  Sam returned to doctor 1 who nervously told Sam that the lab results for biopsies are first FAXED then hard copy sent later.  The Faxed report said that Sam had cancer and the doctor recommended that he start some sort of injection therapy until Sam could have surgery or some other more aggressive treatment – Sam had the injections so that he could care for Karon as she was dying. Yesterday seemed the appropriate time to begin to look after himself so he was going to proceed with more aggressive treatment of his cancer after conferring with a new doc.  When Sam returned to doc1, that doctor said that when he read the hard copy of the lab report (yesterday) which he had not done 10 months ago when he was originally diagnosed it contradicted the original Faxed report – Doc 1 called the lab and they confirmed the hard copy report and said that the Faxed report was the wrong one and he DID NOT HAVE CANCER.
I am against frivolous law suits (suing the ladder company because you fell off their ladder) but this could never be mistaken or confused with anything frivolous and I hope that Sam sues their asses (doctor1 and Lab) for everything he can get.  He sold his business & missed a chance to purchase a new Subaru franchise because of his diagnosis, he worried about facing cancer, he took treatments that might have actually harmed a perfectly good organ and he had to tell Karon as she was loosing her battle that he too had cancer. 
Sam asked me to send the good news – and he will now begin to wrestle with the legal aspects of this horrible mistake.  I hope that Sam will become a multi-millionaire, raise the youngsters and be happy again.
Good tidings to all-


3 Responses to “Good news and bad news: Flim Flam’s test results”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Obviously great news FlimFlamWise. As time goes on it becomes more and more apparent that we each must be our own primary advocate when it comes to health care. Question, argue and question s’more. Get those second and third opinions. Your life and health are too important to YOU to allow others to make critical decisions. Congratulations, Sammy, keep up the good work. hog

  2. Raven Says:

    Thank God for Sam, but I agree with Hog. This botched-up scenario definitely calls for a law suit.

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    Finally some good news! Good for Sam! Good news via Hannan? What? Hard to believe. Just in time Mike. The boys were about to be on their way to shoot you.

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