Mad Dog’s apology and Civil War persona

Mad Dog, I will light incense sticks for you in the hope that your inner demons will set you free. dee

Dear Ms. Dee,

This interesting info. from Doug caught me square in the middle of the moment when I was just about to respond to you in form of an introductory apology for my uncalled for infamous remark during BAR36 a month ago in Gaines.

I am devastated by the realization that I must have indeed uttered some such of an uncalled-for comment as you report in your wonderful report. I have been to therapy, counselling, and hypnotism sessions on Thursday November 2, 2006. Much has been revealed and I am determined to stop denying that I ever made such a comment.

I am scheduled for 3 more sessions tomorrow. I will hold off from further comments until more has become apparent to me. I need time to synthesize, process, accept this devastating news relating to the monster that dwells within me.

I am truly sorry that I made the comment. I must face the consequences of whatever the good doctors determine. Hopefully there will be hope later on.

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