Voting is important

While I hope that everyone will vote Democrat tomorrow, it is most important that YOU VOTE. (Did you know that US has some of the lowest voter turnouts in the world?)

As Hog says, “Didn’t vote? Don’t bitch!”



3 Responses to “Voting is important”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    A great day for the nation, but LOUSY for Hog (all my guys LOST!)
    Summary of returns available at

    Enjoy the moment, Muthaz


  2. #1 in Grove City Says:

    & actually it’s “No Vote, No Bitch” but what ‘t hay.

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    Voting resulted in an improved Grool Yem shouting BARF BARF BARF!
    Bringin’ ’bout another Schnorf attached t’ Ken the Blorf yorling BARC BARC BARC!
    Oranges Zucchinis Pears Potatos Yellow Green Brown neither Red nor Blue.
    A slug, a schlig, none other does dig, zag zig?

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