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Doug Gitt found this neat update of Bad Aibling today on Google Earth.  Click on the image to see a larger view.

Doug says….

Google Earth has updated its coverage of the Bad Aibling area. Before, photo coverage was from commercial satellite.  It is now a higher resolution, probably aerial photography.Attached is a photo of the Field Station.  I did not zoom in any closer, stayed with a wider area.If you didn’t know, Google Earth is a great time-waster.  One can play Photo Intelligence Analyst all day!  (I can send you the coordinates of a Russian submarine base where you can see nine subs tied up…)




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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    As for the earthward photos of USASAFS Bad Aibling, it is evident that these are doctored photos. The Blackshirted goons have added a toy baseball diamond behind Personnel. The volleyball court built be Specialist Hannan has been removed – no doubt by Adobe photoshop or some similar device. Attempts have been made to disguise the red clay tennis court (site of the very first BALTA Funcion) between the gym and the fire stattion by making it appear as a red roofed building. The dispensary, the Rod & Gun Club, and, worst of all, Flim Flam’s Used Car Lot have been left outside the margins. However, I did not notice the Colonel’s sign. It was ripped out of the ground by Leo Selb. Stump and I carried it up the stairs to the third floor of Gasthaus Rohleder in downtown Bad Aibling. We deposited it in the back of the bedroom closet next door to Capt. Mysto’s room. The Frau caught us in the act. Stump persuaded her that it was a bonfide ASA field activity, a BALTA night operation. I suspect the Colonel’s sign is yet on the third floor of a closet in downtown Bad Aibling. Photos. Photos. More photos. Reality is beyond all photos which even at best can only display a tiny fraction of all possible radiation emissions. As for the Russian Submarines, Hannan and I defeated their best doubles duo in a match in Hammerfest, Norway, in 1969. The scores were 6-2, 6-0.

  2. SP5 Hannan RTD Says:

    The photo actually appers to be a reconstruct on the movie set beside the ones used for the “moon landing movies” made by NASA in the late 60s and early 70s of the Field Station just before it was razed and returned to pasture land in the late 90s.

    As for our tennis match, John – I recall it being at an airfield on Porsangen Fjord near Honnigsvag, but I could be wrong.


  3. Donovan Baldwin Says:

    Good to see the old Field Station again. I was a voice intercept op (98G2LGM) from Sep 67 to Aug 70.

    Memories? The night the soldier driving back to post got stuck outside the gate, put his car in gear with a brick on the accelerator and got out and pushed. It hit the guard shack.

    The MP’s trying to catch speeders by hiding behind a tree with a stopwatch to measure how long it took to cross two white lines painted on the road.

    The night some guys returned from Rosenheim a little the worse for wear and decided to try some midnight basketball at the gym. Unknown to them, part of the parking lot had been converted to an ice skating rink earlier in the day.

    Sitting in my buddy’s barracks room singing along with “Alice’s Restaurant”.

    Being greeted by a lady I had known in Monterey who had come to Bad Aibling to marry one of my friends. I never told him what I knew about her.

    The ham and swiss sandwiches at midnight in the snack bar at the facility.

    The night the MP went nuts and fired rounds in the air because people were walking on the grass.

    Glad we could serve our country.

    Don (OP Sine Sierra Tango)

    • FOOL Says:


      i am fairly sure that I saw you name on my Gmail accxount asking for the list–I have lost a lot of stuff as I have just gone to a dial-up account. So, if you did mail me or if you want the balta list, just let me know. i do remember you well..

      Kerry AKA The Fool

  4. Gerry Grimm Says:

    The “toy baseball diamond behind Personnel” was a real diamond when I visited there in late Spring of 2002. I watched kids (Little League?) playing a game. Went into the PX and it more resembled a tourist gift shop than the way I remember it when I was stationed at the F.S. in 1963-1965. It was strange to see how all the small farms had been consolidated into larger acreages and all the huge apartments built in the “village” of BA.

  5. Bob De Walt Says:

    I was just there last month (Sep 14, 2008) and have a few pictures if anyone is interested. Much of it looked the same just not taken care of.

    • Carroll Smith Says:

      I was stationed at BA Mar, 1970-Aug, 1971. I would certainly be interested to see what the old post looks like now. Lots of memories….beer fests, etc. I have some old photos to share also.

    • FOOL Says:

      Yea man, everybody would be interested in pics of BA–so post them!


  6. Gary Lingenfelter Says:

    I would be very intersted in seeing recent photos of BA.
    I’m sure others would too.

  7. Bill Owens Says:

    I was stationed with the British Detachment from 1972 to 1973 … I remember lots of people from way back then … anyone remember me?
    Dick Good and Alf Wrightson were also in the BRIT DET…

  8. FOOL Says:


    Did you possibly know Steve Trask who was at BA? At last knowing, he lived in Cardiff. Any chance that you could make some phone calls? His wife’s name was Mary.



  9. OttoTune Says:

    Greetings all!

    Was a BA rat in the 05D shop from 67-69. Was also back over there for a number of years working for AT&T up in Mannheim, living in Kaiserslautern and making trips down to the BA area for vacations now and again. That was in the 98-02 time frame. Currently in the great state of NV.

    ottotune @ gmail

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