Call for Bar36 MiniPoster orders

This from Hog:

Muthaz,So far responses to offer for 2006 BALTA MiniPoster at $10 + $2 S&H are:Cranny: Yes & Paid

Hobens: Yes & Paid

Kreml: Yes & Paid

MadDogs: Yes & Paid

Stemples: Yes & Promised

Mills-Carrolls: Rec’d comp host copy

Rest a yunz losers: Nil Herd

I’ll wait until I’ve stopped belching cranberry sauce (Mon, Nov 27th) to check late breaking e-mails and snailmails before ordering.

Promises are accepted (but I prefer cash or reasonably good cheques).

How ’bout those Steelers!


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  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Recent additions to the “Yes & Promised” category:
    Doug Gitt, Dan Hayden & John Smoller. Thx, muthaz.

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