Comments from your friends about their Thanksgiving holiday

I’ve heard from Sam, Heidi, Hog and Doug about their holiday. What about the rest of you?

Read on….

Hi Dee, We had a very enjoyable weekend.  We went to my sister’s home on Thursday and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with all my family. I had my foster kids and two more grand nieces and nephews over for the weekend. We went to the movies Friday night and then had dinner at McDonalds afterwards (of course!). Our weather was beautiful all weekend long, so the kids played outside Saturday.  We all went to church on Sunday and then came home and put up Xmas decorations around the house.  It was a great weekend!  Take care,  Love   Sam

What kind of stinking commie newspaper makes folks work on Thanksgiving!?!
We had a great Gobble-Gobble. We had a houseful of friends who brought their family’s Thanksgiving favorite food and Linda Kreml knocked our socks off with a sweet potato jalapeno casserole and heart clogging green bean casserole with an oyster mushroom sauce and homemade french fried onions. (Boy that was a long sentence!) The kid formerly known as Sparky, Aaron, came home from his adventure the night before and was reunited with my brother for a wonderful night of music and group(and drunken) singing. Are you really setting up a blog about TV for work? Did they pick Desperate Housewives or did you? So if I miss an episode can I go to your blog and catch up or are you going to critique each episode? it just started raining ( big weather news here!) and I gotta go cover BJ’s tools! He is doing a great job on doing some small remodel jobs ie new windows, small kitchen over haul and other projects Dan can create! Love to you and Pat, stay warm, Heid

The Rodgers Brothers (Hog & Billy) were lucky enuf to dine with Kings on Turkey Day 06. Kay and Mike King took real good care of us. I even had a date. Gladys (Kay’s Mom) is a spry ninety-three (she’s the one who walked over with breakfast for a month while I was healing) and doesn’t believe a THING that comes out of her mouth.
Great old friends and sparkling conversation (not to mention great food and “who cares” football) made for a great day in the hills and Bill and I were safe back in our recliners by 9PM. Lots to be thankful for in 2006.
Now on to the HumBug Express.
xxx, hog

It was a quiet day in the Cavender/Gitt household. Anne and her Mother went to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. I had dinner with my Mother at the Home (she suffered a severe stroke several years ago).  Doug


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