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Invite from Heidi and Dan

December 22, 2006

Happy Ho Ho to you all!
It occured to us that, maybe, after 3 months of living in our new home, we might want our friends to know where we are! So in the interest of full disclosure, our new address is: 1550 Karen Dr, Benicia Ca 94519. Home phone is 707-748-7570. We have lots of bedrooms, a view of the straits, and there i s always somethiing on the stove, so come on by anytime! Happy and Healthy Holidays and New Year to you all, Love Heidi and Dan


Remember Gene Perkins?

December 13, 2006


The Dunns met Gene this week in Atlanta.  Here’s their impression:

“GENE PERKINS IS ALIVE AND WELL!  We caught up with him at his restaurant – The US Cafe – in Atlanta.  He looks exactly the same as he did in Germany!!  And he is still a wheeler and dealer: owns 2 restaurants and is looking to open a 3rd.

Some things never change —

It was fun to see him.  Hopefully the Hannans are coming through this area sometime, and we will pay Gene a visit then.”


Keeping up with Balta blog

December 10, 2006

Do all of you know about RSS readers, sometimes referred to feed readers or blog readers?  If you have Balta blog bookmarked and are forever clicking on it to see if there are any new posts, this can save you much time. 

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and when a website offers RSS, you can subscribe to it through a blog reader.  Then all you have to do is call up the blog reader, look at the feeds and you can see immediately if there are any new posts.  And you can read them from your reader!  Also, with some readers, it’s possible to set up a special alert that will let you know when there are new posts, even without opening up the blog reader.

I use Bloglines.  It’s free, all you have to do is set up an account.  And what’s really nifty??  Bloglines offers a tool that you put in your Favorites on your Internet Explorer called ‘Sub with Bloglines’.  Whenever you’re on a site and want to subscribe to it on Bloglines, you click on the ‘Sub with Bloglines’, and it subscribes you.  Very easy.  Bloglines is at

And here’s an article I found on that recommends the top ten free rss readers:

Ok, so this is a bit geeky and some of you already know way more about this than I do.  Ok…that’s a thought.  Please add your comments on what you use and how you use it, so that others, not familiar with this tool, might get some insight.

I’ll start….I use Bloglines for work and for recreation.  I watch some sites for the latest news stories and also feature stories that I might use to blog about at work.  (We are starting a TV blog of some of the staff’s favorite shows.)  I also watch for interesting new reference sites that way to add to a web page I maintain at work.  And then, there are the purely fun sites …. like ‘Go Fug Yourself’ and ‘The Slug’, ‘Younger Next Year’ and Pat’s ‘Eating Out in Harrisburg’ blog. 


The Dunns’ new digs

December 8, 2006

This from Dottie:

Hi Everyone,Well, we did it!  We finally moved into our hew home! 

We moved in this past weekend, so as you can imagine we are up to our neck in boxes.  But it has been a fun adventure being here and watching things come together.  Now let the unpacking begin!

For now we want to let you know our new address, as well as Lisa’s as some of you have been asking.

Ours is 4865 Hidden Meadow Drive, Cumming, GA 30040. Phone is 678-513-2984.  Lisa’s is Annandale Village, 3500 Annandale Lane, Suwanee, GA 30024.

We hope to be in touch with you each in the near future, but for now — blessings to you all!!

And have a wonderful Christmas season!

As a post script, guess who called us last night?  Gene Perkins himself!  He owns 3 restaurants in Atlanta, and is quite the businessman.  No surprise there! We are going to one of his haunts for lunch with him on Tuesday.

Love,Bill, Dottie & Lisa

Thanksgiving for BJ and Joy

December 6, 2006

BJ had posted this as a comment earlier, but I’m not sure that you all saw it. 

Interesting about the gun nut.  Stay on his good side, ok?

BJ Says:

Great to hear from Sue MacDougal…now Mitchell!

December 5, 2006


I feel as if we have recaptured you!  Wonderful to hear from you and learn about your new life. 

I think I speak for all Baltans when I say that we’d love to see you again and meet your new husband.  Next year’s reunion will be in Ohio, so please try to come.

And tell Gordon that the trail has already been blazed for him!  Second husbands, Pat and Dan, were laughing about their first Balta reunions this year.  It can be done and is even encouraged.

Here is Sue’s account: 

“How many more times do we have to do this?”

December 5, 2006

Mad Dog,

Thanks for this wonderful account of your Thanksgiving.  I felt as if I was at your table, filled with dismay at the food and drink I was inhaling!

I liked your self-description: “frail thoroughbred”.  I am glad to be warm and alive.  Thanks. 

I hope the rest of you enjoy this as much as I did.    Read on…