Great to hear from Sue MacDougal…now Mitchell!


I feel as if we have recaptured you!  Wonderful to hear from you and learn about your new life. 

I think I speak for all Baltans when I say that we’d love to see you again and meet your new husband.  Next year’s reunion will be in Ohio, so please try to come.

And tell Gordon that the trail has already been blazed for him!  Second husbands, Pat and Dan, were laughing about their first Balta reunions this year.  It can be done and is even encouraged.

Here is Sue’s account: 


One Response to “Great to hear from Sue MacDougal…now Mitchell!”

  1. John Michael Says:

    Great news Sue – congratulations from Elizabeth, the twins and me. Good planning to marry someone whose family name begins with an M saving you the worry of changing all your monogrammed towels, silver tea set and silverware.

    Sorry about your Dad – after 9 years of missing my Dad and now 2 years without my Mom, I still think of 5o questions a week that only they could answer.

    Looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Gordon. Please explain to him that we are really a gentle lot and will heap on him only the amount of abuse that we feel he can stand without vowing never to come back for more.

    Hope you have a great Christmas and a great new life.

    John Michael

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