News from Heidi and note from Don ‘The Snake’ Pier

My New Years resolution is not only to be blog-olific but to actually check my emails more often. That’s all I can do!

By the way, Dan Hayden BALTA guy and great neighbor has just come home from a 9 way heart bypass (is that a nonet?). He innocently went to his cardiac Dr for his 2 year check up and was sent directly to  the hospital with calcified artery build-up.

He went in the Tuesday before Xmas and was home Xmas day!  There is hope for us all!! Not doing cocktails yet but vertical and feisty.

Love to you all.

My wish for the new year is that you all get colonscopies, mammograms, prostate exams and what ever else applies to your sex and individual health issues to keep you in my life!


Here’s Snake’s message:

Hi there Heid,
I have not been good about being in touch with you.  It is strange as I enjoyed your friendship so much in Bad Aibling.  

We gotta get together more!

I really want to get to a reunion.  Honest.  It is always difficult for me to come up with the money  when it is air fare and the stay while there.    

Saffy is 32!  GEEZ
Chapin is at Seattle University. He got a complete 4 year scholarship.  Cost me 97.00 for the first quarter, plus books.  Amazing.  Took so much pressure off Gerry and me.
Saffy is teaching 4th grade in Helena, Montana.  Such a great person.   
Lucked out with both of them.  But, Chapin is only 18 so I still am hoping he doesn’t go “astray”
I have sublet my apartment for most of January.  I had planned to drive to Arizona, visit parents, then a road trip through CA, along the coast, then Napa area, then the coast to Oregon.
Now, I am just going to fly to AZ spend a lot of time with my parents. They are 85 and 82.    They are very anxious for me to visit.  I am the one of thier childrn that will stay with them for
a long time.  My mother is difficult to be with long term  Neurotic and rambles on and on!
My dad turns his hearing aid down, I think.
I was hoping to visit you on my trip. Maybe when air fares are lower, I should come for a visit. Are you close to Oakland, San Jose, SF airport?  Which is  better?  
Maybe pee on your couch!  Don’t worry, I won’t stay that long.
Hi  to Dan!
503 789 3674
Call some time.  Would be fun to hear your voice….



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  1. Joe Pritchard Says:

    Bad Aibling? I was around Bad Aibling from 1985 or 86 until December of 1990. I have never been good at staying in touch with people but it may have been a different time and situation then yours.

    Joe Pritchard Seattle Wa

  2. #1 in Grove City Says:

    No, he doesn’t appear to eat his young (that we know of); yet he IS a snake! curious!

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