Proposed 2007 Balta Reunion Site

These chairs could be waiting for us, guys! See some comments at the bottom of this post and add yours by clicking on the Comments link. And please respond in a timely fashion, so that the Stumps can get a good idea of the count.

This just in from the Stemples:

We have diligently been exploring possible sites for the ’07 Balta reunion (sorta). Anyway, we found several pretty crappy places…and a couple of fairly nice ones. Then we stumbled upon this pretty cool old house in Marblehead, Ohio. It is on a peninsula, and located on the shores of Lake Erie. It seems really nice because it has a whole bunch of bedrooms / beds, and we could all stay in one place. Which for your humble hosts is very appealing, because all the other places require the multiple unit shuffle (remember Dee was going to kill herself…or at least pull out all of her hair!). Anyway, check out the link below and let us know what you think.

There is quite a bit to do in the area. Close to Cleveland – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (a must see) , Center of Science and Industry, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Museum, ect . Also close to Toledo, which has a great Museum. There are islands (Put-in-Bay, Kelley’s, Catawba) which can be reached by ferry or jet express….they have bars and tourist type stuff. Wineries. Cedar Point, the world’s greatest amusement park (with some great coasters) is very close. Fishing too. Antiques. Marblehead Lighthouse, wildlife sanctuaries, hiking areas and Oberlin College.

Looks like Monday Oct 1 (4pm) – Sunday Oct 7 (4pm). The owner has offered us 6 nites for the price of 5, which brought it in line with all the other places. We are looking at needing 20 people minimum to cover the cost, the more the cheaper. The house accommodates thirty something.

Hopefully in the next week we will hear back from more than 20 of you that you can’t wait for the next reunion, and want to send us $$ for the deposit. If you must send nays, they will be accepted with regret, but appreciated as they will help us to know if we need to hit the pavement again in search of smaller accommodations.

The Stumps

(Sorry but I inadvertently deleted the Comments through 1/12, but I was able to resurrect them.  That’s why the dates for some of the comments are all 1/14. Continue to use the Comments link at the bottom of this post, and I promise to keep my mitts off the Delete key!  dee)


17 Responses to “Proposed 2007 Balta Reunion Site”

  1. Madam Dog Says:

    Is is possible to change the reunion dates to the week before ( Sept. 24-30)? Otherwise, I won’t be able to make it. The place looks great, & so does the price, if enough show up.

  2. Hoben Says:

    Hoben Says:

    January 14th, 2007 at 4:09 pm
    Can someone (Dee? Stumpz?) refresh the link to the house site? I can’t find it after the crash.

  3. Dee Says:

    The house site seems to be working for me now, but just in case, here’s the direct address:

  4. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Stumpz, Can’t be any worse than Pray or Indian Town Gap. I’m down for Oct 1-7 anywhere drivable from Grove City. Let’s just hope it’s not Mistake On The Lake #2. I’ll dupe this msg to Thx Stumps

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    Stumplz, it looks great, like some might survive. Be sure to see the glacial grooves on Kelley’s Island. Oberlin must be SE of there. Thanks for the early info. While nursing a cold brew It would be nice to watch ‘em build that bridge across to the islands and then on over to Canada. The link works. Take the bridge to Sandusky and then go east to museums in Cleveland, or west to Toledo. But wait, why do we have to have another reunion already?

  6. Doug Gitt Says:

    A possible travel option; AMTRAK stops in nearby Sandusky, OH.

    Anywho, I’m in and Anne wants to come to her first…

  7. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Hot Dog! Is Mrs Un-Gitt into real tequila too?

  8. John Smoller Says:

    I am all in

  9. Dan Hayden Says:

    Looks good. Not sure, but Kristi may attend, too.

  10. Dee Says:

    Great response so far. Thanks, guys!

    Pat and I are planning on it, so that makes 7, possibly 9 if you count Mad Dog’s response as a yes, he’s definitely coming and the 2 wives as possibles.

    John….when you replied that you were all in, did you just mean yourself or were you also counting your lovely wife??

  11. Doug Gitt Says:

    I confess. I plied Mrs. Un-Gitt with agave distillate soon after I met her.

    So, she was at a party of bankers (an oxymoron?). Young bucks were showing their dates how to drink tequila; slice of lime, salt on the back of the hand, and so forth. Mrs. Un-Gitt walked up and poured herself a shot. She looked at said young bucks and says, “That may be the way a boy drinks tequila. This is how a woman drinks tequila!” She knocked back the shot straight, set the glass on the bar and walked away…

  12. Sam Flippo Says:

    Looks like a great spot for a reunion, and I admire Mike and Sherri’s bravery in hosting a reunion for this bunch of mis-fits!! If nothing else unexpected happens in my life this year, I’ll be there with bells on!! Love ya’s, Sam and boys.

  13. BJ Says:

    I’m in at least as a single. Never know until the last minute if Joy will be able to come or even if we will still be together at that time.

    How much dinero do you want asa deposit?

  14. Dan Cotler Says:

    She who must be obeyed says no more “whiskey boy’ as the fool level seems to have be getting higher and higher.
    As Heid is off on business in OR. I will respond for at the least the 2 of us and perhaps the youngest heir with bells.l

  15. Doug Gitt Says:

    You put bells on your youngest heir?

  16. John Smoller Says:

    Dan, I can’t believe your hair would hold bells

  17. John Michael Says:

    Looks TERRIFIC! I’m in – small mouth and walleye fishing – two best friends in a three man boat – flaiming rivers – JESUS…….I’m in!!!!

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