Sparky visits Mad Dog

Sparky visits Mad Dog and FamilyMad Dog writes….

In November, Aaron blew through New Mexico on his way to Benicia, CA, the latest-known residence of his once-proud parents, Heidi & Dan.      

He was just nice enough to stop and tell the family Mad Dog (Freyermuth & Gressitt) of his discoveries on Balta Road, and of his many adventures away from home.

After giving the New Mexicans their orders (Get out of town and discover your own personal Balta Road!) he was off for California.

The photo is called “Lunch at the Spanish Kitchen and contains Aaron, Frank, Chandra, Carolyn, Meg, Mad Dog.


3 Responses to “Sparky visits Mad Dog”

  1. Hoben Says:

    Can’t open the photos (404 File not found). Probably just me, but HELP.


  2. Dee Says:

    It opened for me, although I did see the File Not Found in the center of a WordPress box, but at the top of that box, there’s a link that is the photo address. I clicked and the photo opened. On both photos…

    The group photo is

    Sparky’s photo is

  3. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Opened fine for me 2.
    Looks like lunchtime in Geektown. Thank goodness we love all those people.

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