2007 Reunion follow-up from Stemples

Hey Everybody………Things are starting to look pretty good for the reunion.  Just heard from the Hoben’s, which makes it look like 16 yea’s, 2 mights, and 1 can we change the date.Yea’s – Ed & Kathy, Pat & Dee, Mike & Sherri, Hogg, Maddog, Doug, John, Dan, Sam, BJ JB, Hiedi & Dan, Hannan 

Mights (we hope will) Anne & Kristi

Is there anyone who wants to come that will be unable to come if we change the dates to Sept 24-30 so that we can enjoy Carolyn’s company.  She is unable to attend the 1st week of October.  Could you all let us know???

Any more takers???  We need a few more!!! 

We’ll give it a little more time, and then we’ll talk deposits.  We were thinking of the standard c-note.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Its cold as Hell-o here!!!

Mike / Sherri 


8 Responses to “2007 Reunion follow-up from Stemples”

  1. Mike Rodgers Says:

    OK w/Hog (Sep 24-30). Please decide SOON as I have to request vacation days asap.

    Go Saints!

  2. dmills Says:

    Dee and Pat are ok with the proposed changed Sept date. I agree with Hog though; if at all possible, many of us need a firm date in order to get the time off work.


  3. Mad Dog Says:

    The Sept. date is great. Just remember, “failure is not an option!” An option
    might be for everyone else to retire like me, and then we could have reunions
    whenever Carolyn gets off work!

  4. Heidi Says:

    We will be there no matter what the date or location! Heidi and Dan

  5. BJ Says:

    Sounds like some of us should come now and wait for the others to arrive.

  6. Doug Gitt Says:

    Either date, I’ll be there…

  7. Dan Says:

    Just talked to Larry, Thomas is not coming from Europe in the fall so they are coming to OH.
    In fact we will shortly be moving in with them as we can then drive to BALTA together.
    According to Larry everything in the eastern U.S. is four hours drive from St.Louis

  8. John Smoller Says:

    Denver is only 4 hrs. from St. Louis, as well.

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