Snowflake threatens NM

This just in from Mad Dog:

Everyone is alarmed here now. The schools and government offices are closed in Las Cruces & El Paso, a city of nearly a million.

The reason: there is the threat of a snowflake falling on our area.

So far it’s just been a few sprinkles and a bit of drizzle and light snow in the higher elevations (mountains). The local TV stations are providing live coverage so that we might witness the snow event, the fall of the actual real snowflake.



5 Responses to “Snowflake threatens NM”

  1. John Smoller Says:

    Lots of flakes and plenty of snow here in the Cowtown, come on by and see.
    John S,

  2. Doug Gitt Says:

    Harrisburg, PA just had it first snow of the season; mere dustings on two nights that the Weather Service officially calls a “trace”. The latest date that the first measureable snow has fallen in Harrisburg is January 23. Unless the Weather Service changes its classification, this record will be broken…

  3. Doug Gitt Says:

    It’s official; the record was NOT broken. Sunday’s trace of snow was deemed measurable…

  4. Ken Says:

    John, Dancing Bear (Ed), Hog, Doug, et. al.

    Pray all are fine. Hope Sam is still doing well selling cars.
    Has anyone heard from B-2 Raven?

    I guess I never told you that on the way into post one afternoon, wife and I saw man get out of car (country sticker R) and take pictures of antennae field. I did nothing – by that time I had heard of picture in message center. Just one small tidbit there.

    Botticelli, John
    I am a G

    Surprise, it is Poncho Gonzalez!

    R K

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    Who is Ken? Please don’t be so mysterious. Some of our minds are still like really gone, speaking for myself.
    Mad Dog

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