Official ’07 Reunion Date

Ok, we are making Sept 24-30 the official reunion dates.  We have the following 18 on our list of attendees.  Hogg, Shea, BJ, Hannan, Gitt, Hayden, Dan & Hiedi, Dee & Pat, Mike & Sherri, Maddog & Carolyn, Ed & Kathy, Sipper & Flippo.  Hopefully a few more will be able to join the festivities.

We need everyone to send $100.00 ASAP so we can pay the deposit.  We are in the “penciled in” catergory at the moment.  You can make your checks out to Mike.  The address is 2853 Fike Rd., Jasper, MI 49248.  

We’ll send some info in the near future about airports.  There are potentially four within reasonable travel distance. 

Mike and Sherri


6 Responses to “Official ’07 Reunion Date”

  1. John Smoller Says:

    I want to go.

  2. heidi Says:

    Just talked to Kreml. He has been pulling a “Heidi” and not checking his email!
    After I gave him no options, he signed on and will be sending his $100!
    Anybody else you want me to intimidate???? L. Heidi the Shy One

  3. Sherri Says:

    Thanks Heid….you can leave everyone else alone for now. Well, maybe the Wallaces, it’s been a long time….

  4. Sherri Says:

    Larry & Bergetta (I’m sure that is spelled incorrectly) have joined the “YES” list. Things are looking good!

  5. Dee Says:

    That’s my gal, Heid!

    I was really glad to see that Larry and Brigitte have joined up. Turn out is looking good.

    Thanks, guys!

  6. Diamond Gene Perkins Says:

    Hi everyone fm the BA crowd.

    I visited the Dunns Dottie and Bill and saw the Hannahs who I havent seen since the BA days. Iam looking foward to seeing everyone for the next reunion.

    Diamond Gene Perkins

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