Look who showed up in Georgia, plus the twins!


Do you recognize these recent visitors who showed up at our house? 

It was great seeing all of them – Gene is exactly the sa100_3109.jpgme as he was 35 years ago!  And Jan is still the same warm, wonderful lady.  It was nice to reconnect with them.

The twins! That is such a funny story!  Mike enjoyed telling it to a new audience. I think he is feeling better than he was at the reunion, as far as his back goes.

Mike & Elizabeth live only 3 hours north from here, so we were delighted they drove down.  Bill & Mike hope to join up for a fishing outing sometime soon.

We had a very laid back visit – until Perkins showed up of course!  He is as interesting as he always was – the same bull shitter, as Bill says!  What a trip down memory lane —

Hope all is well with you guys.

The Dunns


3 Responses to “Look who showed up in Georgia, plus the twins!”

  1. John Michael Says:

    Elizabeth (and the twins) and I made the trip down south to see the Dunn’s new digs and enjoy their company plus the added attraction of Jan and Diamond Gene Perkins. Nice visit with Bill and Dottie and a chance to see their son, Brian and hs wife and 14 month old baby and do the “short tour” of the area. The whole trip was in question up till the last minute because of icy weather concerns that never materialized.

    Bill and Dottie’s new home is teriffic – very different than the one they left in PA – from rural central PA to a very nice new suburban neighborhood about 35 miles from Atlanta – a culture shock to be sure but that will last only until they get news of the 3 feet of snow that has been on the ground “back home” for 4 straight weeks in mid March while they’re cooking out on their back deck in shorts.

    It was great to see the Dunns again and a real trip trip to see Diamond Gene after nearly 40 years – I forgot how funny he is. Thanks for your hospitality, Bill and Dottie and I look forward to the next visit when Bill and I will surely survey the depths of Lake Lanier or the swift cold currents of the Chatahoochie.

    Life is good-


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