From Hog … “Intrepid Heroes Fund”


About a year ago, many of us Balteze donated some dollars to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund.

Today the Rehab Center opened in San Antonio, TX. I think our roving BananaBoy visited there last year.

Way t’go, BALTA.


Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund


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  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    The I-Boob (Don Imus) had a nice report from from the Center on Monday. He sez it’s open but still accepting donations.

    BTW: winter in Grove City, Pa once again officially SUCKS!

  2. BananaBoy Says:

    Though we made our way through San Antonio last year during the Spring ’06 Grand Banana Tour we did not go to the, then under construction, Center For the Intrepid. Spring ’07 GBT begins in about 5 weeks and we will go to the Center then. We were at Walter Reed and the Fisher House in DC in the Fall of ’05 which inspired our interest in Imus/Hog push for the new center in San Antonio.

    Our last 6 months has revolved around health issues – severe sciatic and knee pain for me and, in the last couple of months, age related macular degeneration (ARMD) issues for Elizabeth. It was discovered and diagnosed early and the treatment has been a screaming success. There is a new drug called Lucentis that was just approved last June and seemingly has stopped Elizabeth’s ARMD in it’s tracks and, in fact, has reversed most of the vision distortions she was suffering. She was more proactive in attacking this problem than I have ever seen her – mostly, I’m sure, because her sister is now nearly blind because of the same malady. If any of you are diagnosed, go for the Lucentis eyeball injections ASAP – painless and miraculous.

    All that to say; we all have problems in some degree but which mostly pale by comparison to what these poor Vets are suffering on our behalf in this generations version of “our war”. To see those Vets that were so deformed by burns made me sick then sad then angry and left both Elizabeth and me wiping tears away.

    Thanks Mike, for rallying the BALTA troops and encouraging our participation.

    JMH (aka BananaBoy)

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