Reunion Update and Airport Info

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to say “thanks” to everyone who was able to help out with the deposit for the ’07 reunion site.  The rental in Marblehead, Ohio has been secured for the week of September 24 – 30.  (Dee note:  Deposit is $100 per head. Send to Sherri/Mike Stemple, 2853 Fike Rd, Jasper, MI 49248.  It’s never too late.  SEND IT!)

We will try to figure out a per/Baltan cost sometime before summer.  We will need to collect full payment early in August, as we must pay the balance 30 days in advance.

Here is some airport info that can be filed away until needed:

CMH – Columbus, OH (Port Columbus Int’l)  147 miles / 2h 40m

CLE – Cleveland, OH (Hopkins Int’l) 70 miles / 1h 15m

DTW – Detroit, MI (Detroit-Wayne County Metro) 102 miles / 1h 50m

TOL – Toledo, OH (Toledo Express) 64 miles / 1h 10m

**Please bear in mind that the above mileage / travel time info is courtesy of mapquest, so you can figure in an error factor of  (+ or -) 100%.

That’s about it for now!

The Stumps 


2 Responses to “Reunion Update and Airport Info”

  1. John Smoller Says:

    If one car leaves Denver, travelling at 75 mph, and another car leaves Las Cruces travelling at 75 mph, how long will it take to get to Marblehead if the image of Jerry Thompson is fixed in your mind?

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Knowing that the difference between one eighth and one ninth is one seventy-second, and so considering that if there were 72 seconds in a minute and 63 minutes in a hour, then how many lunar cycles will occur before Mike Hannan can transport himself inside his yellow banana ding dong that is being converyed upon a barge from Nashville, Tennessee via the scenic water routes of down the Cumberland, Mississippi Rivers, the Intercoastal Waterway from Arabi, Louisiana to the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers to Utica, New York, upon the Erie Canal to Tonawanda, New York, and then across Lake Erie to Marblehead, Ohio; the barge being pulled forward by two adult mules and seven baby bocchironis at a rate of .64 kilometers per hour, or only when necessary, by the paddling action of the legs of 186,005 piss ants at a rate of .000363148777 versts per one thirteenth of a second, remembering that there are 72 seconds in a minute and 63 minutes in a hour? Then convert your answer in Lunar Cycles to minutes and seconds. Next, what will be the optimal time frame for making such a journey based about official NOAA’s National Weather Service data? Next, what will be the optimal travel dates if the journey were made during a normal leap year? Provide answer in ancient Hittite to BALTA TRAVEL COMMITTEE or fucking else!

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