Who can ID everyone in the photo?

Balta Reunion 1973 Those were the days!  Don and I are in center back…me in white sweater, him with arm draped over my shoulder.  I can identify Brian, Mole, Carl and Terry, Hog, Hannan, Woody D, Bob Keller, Heidi, Jerry Thompson, Sam, Winkler, the Davis’, Cranny and Mimi and I think, Smoller.  There are a few others that I almost have.

Anybody want to take a crack at identifying everybody systematically, left to right, all rows? 

Wait….this just in from Mad Dog.  Thanks, John!

Hi Dee,
  I can fill in a few more names, but not all. To your right between the Mole and Brian is Kerry Vandegrift (He left Bad Aibling from the Rosenheim station at the same time as Hannan and Carl.) Next out from Brian is Ralph Shriver (Uncle Ralph) from Bend or North Bend, Oregon. He was one of the B-Branch pokers along with PJ McCormick, Nick Dostie, and Gary Hendrickson, when I first got to BA in April of 1968.

The next guy with his ladyfriend (wife?) I’m guessing his last name was Hughes, perhaps Jim Hughes. Behind and between them is Stump – the host for next years reunion! I can’t recall the tall fellow in shades. The guy to his right might be Smoller. Ron & Jan Davis you have. The guy with the walking stick I’m guessing is Eric “Zot” Rotenberg (sp?). To the left of the woman to Don Beeching’s left is a long-haired guy that looks a bit like Dan Hayden.

Kneeling between him and Hog might be Hugh Crohn (sp?). Also, I’m guessing that the person who owns the bare feet & hidden by Hog’s arm is Lonnie Gervais. A wild guess – the one behind Bob Keller – is he Bill Maus?
Possibly too gigantic though?
That’s it for now.


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  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Atta boy, Juan. However, all the answers now available at http://web.mac.com/cpthog/iWeb/BALTA/BA1973.html

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