Revisiting the ’73 reunion

Hog came through for us!  Thanks, bud. 

This is the site for a photo of ’73 with IDENTIFICATIONS!  Yea.


2 Responses to “Revisiting the ’73 reunion”

  1. BananaBoy Says:

    Some woman #3 on the ’73 photo is Pat Austin – friend of Billy Maus. The location actually had a name……Vicksburg

  2. Fool Says:

    Vicksburg?? Not Buena Vista or Boney Visty in local linguistics.?

    I know it was something like 29 miles up the side of a mountain, but not THAT far from civilization–on the other hand maybe we needed –or the citizens of Colorado needed–us to be so far away.

    I aver to your recollection though. This from a Fool who thought that Las Cruces was close to Helena, Montana.

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