Some interesting Bad Aibling web sites

Hanni Beer recently sent along these sites:

The first one calls the station “A Suspicious Eye…” and starts like this: 

“BAD AIBLING, Germany — Looking like a set of gigantic golf balls, the high-powered listening post operated by the U.S. National Security Agency in this picturesque village 40 miles south of Munich was long regarded as one of the West’s most formidable assets during the Cold War.”

Next, a story about closing the station.

Then a tourist site with some nice, revolving photos of scenic Bad Aibling.

Hanni has this to say about the history of the name “Bad Aibling”:

Did you know that Bad Aibling was established as a town on January 13th, anno 804 as Epininga, which changed to Epilinga – Eibilinga- Aybling – Aibling. And it wasn’t till 1895 when prince Luitpold made the town into a spa and added “Bad”- meaning “bath” to the name.



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  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    BREAKING NEWS 2002 ? So did BA go back to the Huns in ’02?

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