The Quiet

It’s nice that somebody noticed the lack of activity on balta blog!  That’s progress of a sort.

Part of blogging is having something to write about, and lately, it’s been …uh….quiet!  Plus, yours truly got a headcold and retired briefly from the blogging world. 

But I’m back now. 

I’d like to publicly apologize to the Gitt/Calendar contingent for standing them up at dinner last Friday night.   I got sick; our message to them went astray, and they had a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant sans the Carrolls. 

Anybody else getting together with other Baltans lately?  Let’s beat the bushes and share some recent experiences. 

I was lucky enough to share my…..ahem…blankety-blank….birthday with Hog and his sister, Patty and my Pat, in February.  It was a last-minute deal, but worthwhile.  Patty moved to this area in December.

Hog is recovered from his near-death ordeal and offered to reveal his scar at dinner, but we all politely demurred.  Actually, we yelled and screamed NO!  He’s still trying to sell his scar T-shirts! 

We also discovered a mutual taste for Kate Beckinsale vampire movies at dinner, and Hog shared a couple with us later.  Thanks, Hog.  Back in the mail to you soon.

Let me hear some happenings from all of you!



5 Responses to “The Quiet”

  1. Doug Says:

    It was a delicious dinner. We are looking forward to a return meal soon, with D&P…

  2. dmills Says:

    Great. We’ll be in touch! Maybe you can give us some recommendations on the menu.

  3. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Hey! As yunz know, I’m all for that Beat The Bushes stuff (I prefer an aluminum baseball bat, but any available stick will do)!

  4. Hoben Says:

    How much are those T’s? I have no fresh scars?

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    White snakes awakening, raising scars, hissing through bloodshot eyes.

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