What’s up with everybody??

It’s way quiet out there in the blogosphere.  Time to wake up from the winter blahs and write to your fellow Baltans here!

I’m just surfacing from a way bad earache and throat infection thingie that has kept me at home for the past week.  Doc has fixed me up with good meds, and I’m getting all better. Mr. Pat took excellent care of me also.

For want of anything better to write about, I decided to post my other sites under the Blogroll.  Yes, I am a busy webgeek.  I maintain a web page of journalism references for the newsroom called Librarians’ Links as well as a reference blog called Informationista.  I write about ‘Desperate Housewives’ on The Patriot-News TV blog.   

Hey, if you’ve put off reserving a spot for yourself at this year’s Balta reunion, let spring motivate you to make a decision and ACT! 

Write me and I’ll post it here.  Just tell me it’s for the blog, so I have your permission. 

Come on, slug-a-beds….what’s in your future??



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  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Maybe yunz could get to work on a “Desperate Ex-Housewives With Dreadfully Low Self Esteem In The Greater Harrisburg Area With Nothing Particular To Do On Sunday, April 29th Blog”.
    I’d be logging on to that one real soon.
    Desperate In Perpetuity, PA

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