Yep, still sucking air.  NSTR… just checking in.

Oh Dee and all you other Baltan Harrisburgers, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods tomorrow.  World’s largest Porsche only swap meet in Hershey…yippee!  If you’re in the immediate area, give me a call and we can suck down a cool one.

In the meantime, turn up your speakers and enjoy Tom Rush.  Don’t take it too personally. 



Sorry, Bill….I’m still sick with bad cold, and we have a sick dog as well that has to go to the veterinarian today.  I was up half the night with her, so this is a dim day for me.  Hey, enjoy some ChocolateWorld for us while you’re there.  Enjoy the cars.  Next time, bud….    dee


3 Responses to “Harrisburg…Shea??”

  1. Dan Hayden Says:

    I resemble the remark in the subject line.

    Glad yer still sucking the good stuff, Sir Shea, be it air or cool liquids.

    So who has a recipe for a “Baltan Harrisburger”? Whatever it is, one such burger will no doubt need to go into the Balta Hall of Fame. Glad Shea has it when the burger starts to go sour!

    AAARRrrrrhhhhhhgggg . . . . Sorry Dee.


    Sir Shea, thanks again for yer great horsepitality — and great Porsche rides — around the time of the Gaines reunion last year!

  2. dmills Says:

    MadDog had a comment as well, but now I can’t find it to post it. Sorry MadDog! If you want to, add it on here. dee

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    Huh? Dee, that’s funny. Maybe it was just a wrong number.

    Mad Dog

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