Grand Banana Tour – Spring ’07

Dear Family and Friends-

Because of some scheduling problems our normal Grand Banana Tour – Spring ’07 had to be cancelled at the last minute – I know that some of you are saying, “Thank God – we won’t have to endure the endless drivel that we have been subjected to the last  several years as the Hannans whirl across the country in that big yellow van freeloading and “working” at Hannan’s hobby/job.” (some have called Roseanna [banana vana] Hannan’s “short bus” and others have even said that I should be a passenger in the “short bus” rather than at it’s controls).  For those in that frame of mind, I hate to disappoint you because here I am.  For those of you who look forward with vicarious envy (or simple pity) at the ever unfolding adventures of one the world’s great Gypsies; the ongoing saga continues.


2 Responses to “Grand Banana Tour – Spring ’07”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    re: the endless drivel n’at.

    Not to worry! Nobody reads that crap beyond the first couple lines anyway.
    Test it! Down in the last paragraph insert “Reply to this report and I’ll send you $100.” Believe me, your money is SAFE!
    Love to Elizabeth,

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    So. Is Hannan having dinner with the Queen in Richmond? Jamestown? He wouldn’t be going hungry would he? A stinkin’ dinner? Lord!
    Mad Dog of Mighty Nomansland

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