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Mike Reardon?

May 30, 2007

A question for the BALTA Bloggers . . .Does anybody know the whereabouts or the story on Mike Reardon?  He was a 98C TA who was quite a good artist, and frequently adorned our pass-on with drawings and cartoons?

George Bassett


Pre-vacation precautions from MadDog

May 24, 2007

DEE & the BALTANS beware! Are your wires in danger of being exposed to the gnawing actions of rodents? Can rodents gnaw through your electrical wires? Exposed electrical wires can cause a major threat to your home and the safety of your community! Does this awareness of dangerous exposed wires due to the likely gnawing actions of large rat-like rodents cause you to overreact and thereby employ dangerous amounts of rodenticides?


Cranny’s South American Adventure

May 23, 2007


Our last vacation (that’s Mimi and Cranny) was in South America in January.  We really didn’t have any winter to escape from in Northern Wisconsin, but we went to S. A. for a couple of weeks.  Our daughter Suzannah had exited the Peace Corps (Paraguay) in the middle of December and traveled with some P. C. pals in Uruguay and Argentina for a while and then joined us in Sucre, Bolivia.


Doug’s blues album recommendation

May 22, 2007

Maria Muldaur: “Naughty, Bawdy and Blue”

As I’ve said before, I want to retire and be Maria Muldaur’s groupie!  Her newest, “Naughty, Bawdy and Blue”, is another of her traditional blues albums. 


Hog sez…

May 21, 2007


Vacations, vacations. HOW NICE!

I’m planning to take MY vacation on Ohio’s scenic North Coast this year.

How nice for me,


The journey continues…

May 19, 2007

I got a voicemail from Bob Wallace today, saying he had read about Gary’s plans for Germany in June.  Bob and Gabby will be there at the same time, celebrating Gabby’s birthday (see, I can be discreet!).  He wants to contact Gary and arrange a meet-up!

See, this blog can really work if we work it. 


BJ’s tale

May 19, 2007

Oh, where to begin.  Lovely setting, great hosts, fun location, beautiful weather, varied terrain, challenging daily routine!

Makes my heart swell with memories!

This tale recounts a period of two months or so that I passed away from home yet feeling as comfortable as if I were at home.


Gary’s vacation plans

May 17, 2007

Hi Dee,

I’m flying to Paris on June 6th where I’ll spend 10
days with my son, with a day in Normandy. He returns
home on the 16th and I hop a train to Switzerland for
several days. Then Austria and Bavaria.

I’ll probably be in Bad Aibling around the 23rd-25th. Flying home
from Munich on the 28th.

It would be great to run into an old friend or two in BA.



May 17, 2007

Anne and I returned to Tortola, British Virgin Islands for our week’s vacation.  (The BVI’s are just across the Drake Channel from the US Virgin Islands, 70 miles east of Puerto Rico.)  While the USVI, particularly St. Thomas when four or five cruise ships are in port, bustles, the Tortola and the rest of the BVI are laid-back.  An appropriate analogy is powerboats compared to sailboats.

So the week was all about relaxing, tanning, local rum and rum punches, leisurely drives. Our abode is literally 25 paces from the surf, coconut palms, and sand.  We did do a day-sail on a 70-year old, 80 foot sailboat to Virgin Gordo and its famous Baths (large granite boulders washed by the sea; known for snorkeling), then to Coopers Island and back to Tortola.  Our evenings were all about eating fabulous food in several of Tortola’s great restaurants!


Abuku’s vacation in a war zone

May 17, 2007

My wife, Muni, and I decided to visit a different Asian country for a short, five day (long weekend, actually) vacation. So, on Saturday, April 28th, we arrive in Colombo, Sri Lanka and checked into the Taj Samudra hotel/resort. It is across the street from the “beach”, 800 yards from the Prime Minister’s residence, 900 yards from the US Embassy and one mile from the port.

The city was in a festive mood because the national cricket teams was going to play in the Cricket World Cup finals against Australia. Fine. The match was televised, beginning around 7:00pm local. Cricket matches are long and boring. So, Muni and I decided to turn-in for the night at about 10:00pm.