Balta gathering in Central PA

Pat and I met up with Doug, Hog and Hog’s sis, Patty this past Sunday at the venerable Elephant & Castle.  Well, not venerable, but handy.

Hog was here for a meeting in Hershey over the weekend, but we managed to corral him for a Balta-like meet-up, since he was pointedly absent in Gaines last year!  Hey, he’s doing great, but still peddling those stomach scar t-shirts. 

Patty moved here in December, and despite being exposed to us a couple of times, she’s still here and doing nicely. 

We were sorry to miss Bill Shea who was in the area the day before. 

Hog is geared up for Balta 2007, even though his vacation time was severely limited by his near-demise last year.  Watch out, he’s coming!  So is Doug, and we’re hoping for his wife, Anne, although she didn’t make our Sunday gathering. 

Sorry…no photos.  I’m operating on half a brain these days, having gone back to the doctor for a second round of antibiotics for a throat infection.  In fact, as I write, I’m home sick for the day. 

Is anyone else having trouble with spring colds or allergies?  On the other hand, because of it, I’m at home enjoying a gorgeous Pennsylvania spring day…finches are at the bird feeder, magnolias are blossoming, the chime is ringing in the breeze ….life could be much worse!



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