Smoller’s on permanent vacation

Vacation? What means this word? I am on permanent vacation, and I love it!

Plans for this summer:  Leave for Albuquerque, NM this afternoon, 5-17, to go beer can dumping Friday and a trade show Saturday at the Tractor Brewing Co. in Las Lunas.

June 22-24, off to Abilene, KS for the 30th annual Kan Kaper, Margarita party and beer guzzle. Maybe even a quick trip the the Museum of American Telephony, Eisenhower Library or Greyhound Museum.

July 20-22 is Mc Cook, NE for a new regional show, and to get the 1st locally grown corn of the season.

Aug 15-22, off to MN to visit with Greg Nolan, 05H from BA, where we will spend a few days drowning worms and drinking Green Death — also known as Heileman’s Special Export.

Aug. 28-Sept. 2 is the CANVENTION to be held in Denver at the Adam’s Mark in downtown Denver. 5 days of total collector insanity with 600-700 fellow collectors.

Sept. has BALTA in Ohio, with the Stemples’ and a pre-hookup with BJ. I have to practice my horseshoes somewhere!

The season ends Oct 11-13 with the Great American Beer Fest held in Denver. Last year there were over 41,000 attendees for the event and over 400 US brewers. 

Is there a noticeable theme? Nah, didn’t think so

Any one out this way, please call and come on by.



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