Mike Reardon?

A question for the BALTA Bloggers . . .Does anybody know the whereabouts or the story on Mike Reardon?  He was a 98C TA who was quite a good artist, and frequently adorned our pass-on with drawings and cartoons?

George Bassett


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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    George, Wow! What a question on the night of the Blue Moon! I have no idea what became of Mike Reardon. Hopefully someone else has more information. What I remember is that Mike got a European discharge and married a German woman. He worked for Deutsche Post as a mailman or postal clerk of some kind. His German was excellent. I believe they lived in Munich. After he’d been out of the Army and married for some time, perhaps a year or more, he and his wife dropped into the Last Chance, Gasthaus Mietraching, one afternoon for a visit. He may have dropped by on other occasions, but that one I definitely remember. He was dressed up so that he could pass for a respectable German citizen!
    And those drawings of Count Von Kurtz and others in the pass-on books were classic. Often, the first thing we’d do upon arriving in B Branch would be to have a look at what he’d drawn in there. They were done in colored pencil with captions. Before they were destroyed someone blackened out all of the classified information and mimeographed several of the drawings. These black/white copies did not do justice to the colorful drawings. I obtained a set of these copies and looked at them just a few years ago. I’m quite certain that I still have them in my file cabinet. Surely there must be other copies in someone’s possession.

    John “MAD DOG” Freyermuth

  2. Doug Says:

    Ah, yes; Mike and his drawings! I can picture him sitting at the desk, drawing away, with his pipe emitting vast quantities of smoke. When Reardon, Ed Wright and Don Beeching were working the same trick, the blue haze of pipe smoke hung low (no A/C, few fans and shuttered windows).

  3. Doug Says:

    My apologies to the above named. The pipe smokers were certainly not the only cause of the B-1 haze. Too many of us, myself included, smoked cigarettes back then and contributed greatly.

  4. #1 in Grove City Says:

    …and also, something ELSE in pipes (not necessarily with THOSE three guys) might have been instrumental in creating that “B-1 Haze”?

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