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Hey, it’s PAY-UP TIME!

June 29, 2007

I know most of you received the Stemple’s latest reunion posting about cost, but I’m going to post it here, so that there’s no excuse for not getting the info.  Also, it’s a good referral in case you lose your email!

“Balta Reunion Attendees……… 

The time has come for the dirtiest of deeds…..the naming of the price.  $300 per head, which will include wonderful lodging, dinner tues (??), thurs (spagetti), fri (cookout) & sat (catered meal)… thought we’d dine out on wed.  Plus the normal cold beer, liquor, breakfast food, snacks, and various other goodies. 

We must pay 1 month in advance, which is Friday August 24.  If you could shoot for August 17 – 18 if you are sending a personal check that would be great, as it will take a few days to clear.  You are welcome to send it sooner of course…….no need to keep us guessing!!!!!!!!!!  We’d like to pay cash so the nice lady who owns the house doesn’t get screwed by the 3% Visa Satan, so we’d appreciate it if we could get the $$$ by mid August. 

If you have already sent your $100 per head deposit, do feel free (but not obligated) to subtract that from the final cost.  When you figure it out, please let us know via email (or phone before 9pm…we have to get up at 415 am!) when during the week of the “Fest” we can expect to see your smiling face! 
Latest attendee update………Ms Elizabeth

Address, directions ect. to follow…………

Take care all………..The Stumps  2853 Fike Rd. Jasper MI 49248  (517)443.5853″


Hey, Dan H. is attending!

June 18, 2007

“Dee, Mike, and Sherri, please count me in for the reunion.  Money is on the way.

Dan Hayden”


Ok, what about the rest of you who haven’t bellied up?!  The time is NOW, right now.  I’m not going to make an empassioned plea for your presence.  Everyone has issues….no money, family matters, just not excited about it.  I know that as well as anybody.  BUT if you’ve been putting it off to think about later, later is NOW, RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE!!! But I’m not excited, not one LITTLE BIT (Dee taking breath in, screaming)  NOT …..AT…..ALL!!!!!!!!!


Dee (ahem….back to being polite and ladylike)


Final head count .. Balta ’07

June 14, 2007

Fellow Baltans……..

The time has come for a final head count for the 37th Annual Balta Fest. The numbers have been crunched, and now we just need the total # of attendees to divide the grand total by.

We are hoping that everyone is coming to join in the festivities. We had a total of 23 positive responses early on, and have added the following Baltans to the committed list (also known as the sent-a-deposit list).

Mike & Sherri, Pat & Dee, John, Hog, Heidi & Dan, Ed & Kathy, Doug, Larry & Brigette, BJ, Maddog & Carolyn, Shea, and Flippo.

Those who said yes…….please let us know for sure (hopefully by Sunday June 17)…Hayden, Hannan, Sipper, Kremel, Gene Perkins (Mrs. Gene?).

If more sign on later, that would be great, but for now, it looks like this is the list.


Mike & Sherri

“Beyond Bush” by Fareed Zakaria

June 12, 2007

I had seen this Newsweek cover story by Zakaria last week, but hadn’t read it yet. 

Pat and I have found Zakaria to be clear-seeing, intelligent, thoughtful and fair in his writing over the past several years.  He’s appeared on some news TV shows and acquitted himself well.

I have tried to follow his writings because it’s always an interesting read, no matter your political direction.  So when Doug sent me the following this morning, I thought…yeah, let’s all read it.

“This was the cover story for last week’s Newsweek.  Fareed Zakaria, an Indian commentator, writes about the US’s place in the post-Bush world.  Whether you agree with his opinions or not, I strongly recommend that you read the article.  It is good. Doug”

When Doug sent this to me this morning, I thought ….yeah, let’s all read it, pro or con.  

Speaking of the word ‘f**k’

June 8, 2007

Here’s an amusing story that Pat and I saw on Slate today.  I thought the group might find it edifying!

fighting words
A Very, Very Dirty Word
The British Empire’s second-greatest gift to the world.
By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2004, at 4:36 PM ET

The following anecdote appears in one of Niall Ferguson’s absorbing studies of the British Empire. On the eve of independence for the colony of South Yemen, the last British governor hosted a dinner party attended by Denis Healey, then the minister for defense. Over the final sundown cocktail, as the flag was about to be lowered over the capital of Aden, the governor turned to Healey and said, “You know, Minister, I believe that in the long view of history, the British Empire will be remembered only for two things.” What, Healey was interested to know, were these imperishable aspects? “The game of soccer. And the expression ‘fuck off.’ ”

This prediction, made almost 40 years ago, now looks alarmingly prescient. Soccer enthusiasm is sweeping the globe, and both Sen. John Kerry and Vice President Dick Cheney have resorted to the “fuck” word in the recent past—Kerry to say “fucked up” in connection with postwar planning in Iraq and Cheney to recommend that Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., go and attempt an anatomical impossibility. The latter advice received the signal honor of being printed in full, without asterisks, in the Washington Post, thus provoking some ombudsmanlike soul-searching on its own account by the paper’s editor, Len Downie.


Update from Heidi

June 7, 2007

Hey you guys! We have been as busy as 2 humans can be.

Took a quick trip with Nate and Jeannie (the fiance) to Montana to meet the rel’s and scope out the wedding site (Flathead Lake). Rel’s are tolerable-to-fun.

Jeannie’s father not only speaks Russian but married a Russian doctor and has an 18-month daughter. Jeannie’s cousin is a heavy with Mountain Press..almost enough eerie coincidences for therapy!

Didn’t say f__k once! Actually that would be OK, but for God’s sake, don’t make fun of Montana!


Reunion ’07

June 6, 2007

Fellow Baltans,

What’s with the small showing of committed attendees for BaltaFest 07? 

During the last few weeks I’ve been in touch with a number of tribal members … Stumpy, Maddog, Flim Flam, Smoller and a few others and all seem to be doing well and are intent on fulfilling their Baltan duties: attending BaltaFest 07.

It sounds like this year’s venue will raise the bar a few more notches.  Ten bathrooms?  What more could we want?  With room for 36 and only 18 takers so far? 

There are some among us who should hang their heads in shame!  Noticably absent from the list: Crandalls, Kreml, McCowns, Wallaces, et cetera. Also, those who have recently surfaced: Morgan, Hendrickson, Blevins, George ‘who the hell is’ Bassett and so on. 

C’mon folks, this is the chance of a lifetime. Cough up the 100 clams and get your priorities straight!

Now, how’s that for a pep-talk?  I rest my case.  I am looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of months.