Reunion ’07

Fellow Baltans,

What’s with the small showing of committed attendees for BaltaFest 07? 

During the last few weeks I’ve been in touch with a number of tribal members … Stumpy, Maddog, Flim Flam, Smoller and a few others and all seem to be doing well and are intent on fulfilling their Baltan duties: attending BaltaFest 07.

It sounds like this year’s venue will raise the bar a few more notches.  Ten bathrooms?  What more could we want?  With room for 36 and only 18 takers so far? 

There are some among us who should hang their heads in shame!  Noticably absent from the list: Crandalls, Kreml, McCowns, Wallaces, et cetera. Also, those who have recently surfaced: Morgan, Hendrickson, Blevins, George ‘who the hell is’ Bassett and so on. 

C’mon folks, this is the chance of a lifetime. Cough up the 100 clams and get your priorities straight!

Now, how’s that for a pep-talk?  I rest my case.  I am looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of months.



3 Responses to “Reunion ’07”

  1. Stumps Says:

    Wow……….that was great, and we didn’t even have to pay him!!!!!!!!!!! We are trying to determine the final cost per person for the fest….having just completed our dutiful attendance at about 647 graduation parties in the last three weeks…..oh joy! There will be an official query in the coming days nagging many of you to officially commit (and yes, be figured into the $cost$). We visited the owner at “The Rock” a few weeks ago, and were very happy with the accomodations. Who can play the baby grand that sits in the dining room????? Not to hide facts, a couple of the bathrooms were rather tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny, but all contained the proper equipment. Hope to hear from many of you soon, and see ya’s shortly.

  2. Stumps Says:

    I believe the McCowns heads are raised high as committed attendees!! We want more…………Oh, by the way……..GO CAVS!!!

  3. Dan Hayden Says:

    I’m in, schnozznophobes.

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