Update from Heidi

Hey you guys! We have been as busy as 2 humans can be.

Took a quick trip with Nate and Jeannie (the fiance) to Montana to meet the rel’s and scope out the wedding site (Flathead Lake). Rel’s are tolerable-to-fun.

Jeannie’s father not only speaks Russian but married a Russian doctor and has an 18-month daughter. Jeannie’s cousin is a heavy with Mountain Press..almost enough eerie coincidences for therapy!

Didn’t say f__k once! Actually that would be OK, but for God’s sake, don’t make fun of Montana!

Then we had 4 days before we left for 10 days in Hawaii on the Big Island. Checked out our slumlord condo, kayaked Kealakekua Bay, snorkeled till we were shriveled, ate great fish and all tropical fruits, drank copious amounts, reveled in great sunsets, and helped a dear friend of ours scatter her husband’s ashes that she had been keeping on the mantle for 7 years. Yes, it was definately time for closure.

Before all of this, I tripped over backwards on a sprinkler head and landed on my back on the curb and street ( its the pits being talll sometimes!) and fractured a vertebra. Sober, no water hazards, and in the daylight! Am still wearing a brace that looks very much like a flak jacket. Very becoming.. Our Berkeley friends tell me that they will be standing behind me when the revolutionaries attack.

Have been enjoying spending many a sodden evening on alternate decks with our dear neighbors, the Haydens, and we’re still friends! We see the Kremls often. (They brought dinner when I was a drugged basket case). They are now our dog sitters, after D.O.G. peed all over the Haydens’ bedroom and was asked not to return.

Hear from our contractor ( BJ) once in a while but have not had an opportunity to see them of late. I think we are home for a while, saving for the wedding (Aug 23rd) and the reunion.

We love you, Heid


3 Responses to “Update from Heidi”

  1. Doug Says:

    So many straight lines, so little time; Montana, drugged basket case, dog in bedroom, what BJ has ACTUALLY been doing…

  2. BananaBoy Says:

    I certainly think it would be appropriate that this wedding be considered an official BALTA Function since Nate was possibly concieved at one and if not, at least by two BALTA Funtioneers. I, for one, will be awaiting my invitation.

    JM (AKA BananaBoy)

  3. Doug Says:

    At the very least, all BALTANs (male and female) should be invited to NK’s bachelor party!! Needless to say, I’ll bring the Tequila…

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