“Beyond Bush” by Fareed Zakaria

I had seen this Newsweek cover story by Zakaria last week, but hadn’t read it yet. 

Pat and I have found Zakaria to be clear-seeing, intelligent, thoughtful and fair in his writing over the past several years.  He’s appeared on some news TV shows and acquitted himself well.

I have tried to follow his writings because it’s always an interesting read, no matter your political direction.  So when Doug sent me the following this morning, I thought…yeah, let’s all read it.

“This was the cover story for last week’s Newsweek.  Fareed Zakaria, an Indian commentator, writes about the US’s place in the post-Bush world.  Whether you agree with his opinions or not, I strongly recommend that you read the article.  It is good. Doug”

When Doug sent this to me this morning, I thought ….yeah, let’s all read it, pro or con.  


2 Responses to ““Beyond Bush” by Fareed Zakaria”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    So we’re probably agreed on what we NEED. What’re we going to do to GET it?

    Many of us agreed we needed a Democratic Congress to get us out of this rat-fuck in Iraq.

    We got our DemCongress; now our “leadership” is proposing Apr 15, 2008 for a pull-out date if Bush thinks it’s OK. What bullshit!

    “Pissed in Perpituity” (aka Grove City, PA)

  2. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Re: “leadership”, CNN article at

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