Final head count .. Balta ’07

Fellow Baltans……..

The time has come for a final head count for the 37th Annual Balta Fest. The numbers have been crunched, and now we just need the total # of attendees to divide the grand total by.

We are hoping that everyone is coming to join in the festivities. We had a total of 23 positive responses early on, and have added the following Baltans to the committed list (also known as the sent-a-deposit list).

Mike & Sherri, Pat & Dee, John, Hog, Heidi & Dan, Ed & Kathy, Doug, Larry & Brigette, BJ, Maddog & Carolyn, Shea, and Flippo.

Those who said yes…….please let us know for sure (hopefully by Sunday June 17)…Hayden, Hannan, Sipper, Kremel, Gene Perkins (Mrs. Gene?).

If more sign on later, that would be great, but for now, it looks like this is the list.


Mike & Sherri


2 Responses to “Final head count .. Balta ’07”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    e-mailed today:
    Current plans for Sep, 2007
    ••Sun, Sep 9: Steelers (once again) embare-ass the Browns in front of dozens of home-town fans in Cleveland.
    ••Wed, Sep 26: Pushing west across the border to BAR37 somewhere on OH’s North Coast. My vacation daze are approved; I’M COMING!!!

    hog in pa

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Looks like us same old same-olds. Isn’t there even going to be a f**cking mystery guest? Oh bother. Piss ant. Well, you could mention that Flippo is really Simeon Fichev, double agent and accomplice to Botev. But…

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