Hey, Dan H. is attending!

“Dee, Mike, and Sherri, please count me in for the reunion.  Money is on the way.

Dan Hayden”


Ok, what about the rest of you who haven’t bellied up?!  The time is NOW, right now.  I’m not going to make an empassioned plea for your presence.  Everyone has issues….no money, family matters, just not excited about it.  I know that as well as anybody.  BUT if you’ve been putting it off to think about later, later is NOW, RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE!!! But I’m not excited, not one LITTLE BIT (Dee taking breath in, screaming)  NOT …..AT…..ALL!!!!!!!!!


Dee (ahem….back to being polite and ladylike)



One Response to “Hey, Dan H. is attending!”

  1. John Smoller Says:

    How ’bout a malted beverage, Dee…….

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