Hey, it’s PAY-UP TIME!

I know most of you received the Stemple’s latest reunion posting about cost, but I’m going to post it here, so that there’s no excuse for not getting the info.  Also, it’s a good referral in case you lose your email!

“Balta Reunion Attendees……… 

The time has come for the dirtiest of deeds…..the naming of the price.  $300 per head, which will include wonderful lodging, dinner tues (??), thurs (spagetti), fri (cookout) & sat (catered meal)… thought we’d dine out on wed.  Plus the normal cold beer, liquor, breakfast food, snacks, and various other goodies. 

We must pay 1 month in advance, which is Friday August 24.  If you could shoot for August 17 – 18 if you are sending a personal check that would be great, as it will take a few days to clear.  You are welcome to send it sooner of course…….no need to keep us guessing!!!!!!!!!!  We’d like to pay cash so the nice lady who owns the house doesn’t get screwed by the 3% Visa Satan, so we’d appreciate it if we could get the $$$ by mid August. 

If you have already sent your $100 per head deposit, do feel free (but not obligated) to subtract that from the final cost.  When you figure it out, please let us know via email (or phone before 9pm…we have to get up at 415 am!) when during the week of the “Fest” we can expect to see your smiling face! 
Latest attendee update………Ms Elizabeth

Address, directions ect. to follow…………

Take care all………..The Stumps  2853 Fike Rd. Jasper MI 49248  (517)443.5853″


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