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Hog’s new challenge

July 28, 2007

This just in from Hog.  Good luck, my friend!

Official News

Hog goes back to the O/R on Monday July 30th at Pittsburgh’s Mercy Hospital for bigtime belly hernia repair.

You may:

a) pray for me

b) think about me

c) send me $100 cash

d) all the above

Go Steelers,




July 17, 2007

Fellow Baltans,

I’ve decided that our reunion in Ohio will be my first leg of a cross-country road trip to the Bay area.  Yep in my little old ’64 tub.  Yes, it’s spartan by today’s standards but that’s part of the appeal. 

I’ve been wanting to do another cross-country trip for a couple of years now, and I figure it’s time to scheisse or get offen der pot.  If I put it off for too long, I’ll likely have to pay someone to drive me and that’s NOT what I have in mind.


Reunion T-shirts

July 16, 2007

Attention Balta Attendees…….Your cost of admission to Balta ’07 comes complete with an official “2007 Reunion T-shirt”. 

Instead of surprising everyone with a one of a kind t-shirt that doesn’t fit, we have opted to solicit your current t-shirt size. 

At your earliest convenience, please e-mail this info to

Looking forward to seeing you all soon…….

Mike and Sherri

P.S.  (Note from Dee…..get your reunion money to Mike and Sherri soon also!)

Plug for my other blog

July 10, 2007

I’ve been visiting my Mom in Indiana AND attending my 45th (gulp!) high school reunion.  I dragged Pat with me last Saturday night and surprised myself by enjoying it!

Meanwhile, not many postings lately on the Balta blog. 

I also have a work blog (Informationista) for story ideas, helpful web sites, etc., and I just posted about another newspaper’s project to find 88,000 American soldiers still missing from wars as far back as World War II.

My post is entitled “The Forgotten Soldiers Project”. I think you might find it interesting to see how a newspaper puts such a project together.

The paper is the Frederick (Md.) News-Post, and here’s a link to their special section called ‘POW/MIA left behind’.

For all to see….

July 2, 2007


Bill Shea sent this out via email, but since some of us might not have seen it, I thought it was worth a repeat here.

This is (left to right) Mad Dog Freyermuth, Bill, Mrs. Mad Dog (Carolyn Gressitt) and Susan Shea in a meet-up in Philadelphia this past weekend.