Hog update

Hog called us Friday evening with the news that his surgery was a success; his doc was happy with the result, and he was home and getting around well.  He said it was a much easier recovery this time compared to last Fall.

Job-wise, he’s hanging in there.  His union is grieving the firing, and he has some hope for a good resolution with that.   

He’s looking forward to our reunion. 

Call or email him….I’m sure he’d like to hear from us.



One Response to “Hog update”

  1. Shea Says:

    Hey Capt’n…

    Very happy to hear that the knife work was a success. I have no doubt that you’ll share the gory details when we see you at the reunion (pics?).

    Also, it’s good to hear that you’re optimistic about the job grievance. Best of luck in getting your job back, bud. We’re all in your corner.

    Speedy recovery!


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