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J. Michael’s note

September 22, 2007

Hi Dee and Pat and fellow BALTAians-

It is with great sadness that I must confirm that I will miss this year’s festivities and seeing everyone’s smiling (if wrinkled) faces.

Because my wrinkled face has been in a fairly constant grimace from the pain of sciatica, I must find out how to correct the problem. I was convinced by several doctors (over the past 4 years) that my back pain was the result of my destroyed right knee but now I’m not so sure and I’m in the process of figuring out if knee replacement will cure the pain in my back. I thought I was very close to pulling that trigger but after reassessing things a bit, I am going to have some more diagnostic tests done to find out if my back pain is caused by something in my back or because of my altered gait caused by my bad knee. If I can determine, with some level of certainty, that there is nothing in my back causing the pain, I will go on with the surgery.

Since making it this far with the VA has taken over a year, I don’t want to be sidetracked with merry making while I’m trying to get all the tests done and surgery or no surgery decisions made, I must stay close to home. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

Hope you all have a great time-

Love to all-



Lost Baltanian sighting

September 21, 2007

Lost Baltanian discovered!!
James A Herrington, a.k.a., ‘the Wolverine’, former 05H, mess hall cook, and world egg-eating record holder (72 hardboiled eggs in one hour… with mayonaise as a lubricant) has resurfaced.  Who can forget:*  His medical profile in which he supposedly contracted a medical condition in RVN that upset his metabolism and caused him to eat 50% – 100% percent  of his bodyweight every 24 hours…which led to his 2-hour meal breaks, unlimited 24/7 access to the mess hall…which led to making him a cook?

* His bucolic little cottage at Frau Fritz’s?

* His one-man-band concerts?

* His court-martial?

* His 30 day chain-gang holiday in Brunswick County, Georgia in ’72

After hearing rare tid-bits of Wolvo-sightings over the years:  his celebrated one-man-band stint at Fisherman’s Wharf for a few years, his ‘rebirth as an Evangelical Christian, he’s finally repackaged the best of Wolvo and family to become the ultimate cornball… the ‘CABOODLESTOPPERS, America’s funniest country family!’.  Kein Scheisse!
Don’t take my word for it, check out,  
And, don’t worry Heid, I haven’t invited him to the reunion…yet!

2007 Balta reunion directions and what to bring!

September 15, 2007

Hey Everybody,

The kegs have been ordered, so we figured we’d better let you know where to come to fill up your glass!

The address of the reunion site is 133 Clemons St. Marblehead OH. This is approximately an hour west of Cleveland.

From the north, south or west, you will probably want to find I-80/90 at your earliest convenience, and head east. I think a few of you will probably be heading through (or coming directly from) the Louisville area. You can take 65 to 69 to get to 80/90 in Indiana, or you can take 71 to 75 and hit 80/90 in northern Ohio. Sipper, you get to take 75 S to get there.

Once on 80/90 take OH-53 N via exit 91 (Port Clinton). Take OH-163 exit. Turn right onto 163. Looks like about 10 miles.

From the east…I-80 to OH-57 N exit 145 (Lorain). Take RT 2 west, then OH-269 N. Turn right onto 163.

As everyone is now on 163, you will pass Lakeside, OH. Approximately 1 mile east you will enter the village of Marblehead. In downtown Marblehead (don’t blink) you will be turning left onto Clemons Street. It is very narrow; looks like an alley. It is across the street from the School House Gallery, a large stone building with little shops in it. Head to the end of Clemons St….. its the big house.In response to the questions regarding what to bring……..

All bed linens, towels, etc. are provided. There are washers/dryers available for laundry.

It has been getting a bit nippy at night (high 40’s overnight yesterday). It is still very nice during the days, 70′-s-80’s,  could get even warmer. So, you’ll probably still want some shorts / t-shirts in your suitcase, but definitely some long pants for in the evening, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.

See you all soon……..

Sherri and Mike

Jobs at Balta

September 15, 2007

Surfing thru Google and came across this site……for jobs at the Bad Aibling Lawn Tennis Association!
Check it out……

Smoller’s link

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.


Words and photo from Pier

September 15, 2007



Was in Bellingham area, so walked up to the Labrees’ door, rang the bell and shocked the hell out of them.

I had just a short time to visit, but it was great to see them.

Thought the Balta folks would like to see what we look like these days.

(I am not a Snake)                            

Tunnels at BA?

September 6, 2007

This is from Doug Gitt via a BA chat group:


I was an 058 in BA from 2/62 to 2/64. I have many pictures of that era including our gatherings at Hopingersee. I also have something not many people probably have ——- reel to reel tape recordings of our trick parties! I haven’t heard them in years since I no longer have a tape recorder/player but they probably include the voices of Steve Kjelland, Glen Stockwell, Tom Butters, Ray Schwabl, Paul Boggs and others on our Trick.

In 1963 I and some of these same people dug into the tunnel that started in the farmers field behind the kasern where the anti aircraft tower was. The tunnel came up under a church in town, although we didn’t go that far.

A German friend from town showed us where the concealed entrance was in the embankment and we dug until we found it. The pick marks were as though they had been made the day before.

There were rooms dug off to the sides of the tunnel and some rooms or side tunnels were barricaded and marked with “Verboten” signs.

The tunnel was probably 7 feet high and about the same wide. Some of the rooms off the side were small — maybe 8 ft deep and 20 ft long — with a normal size doorway. Other rooms were larger and some were barricaded. We didn’t attempt to enter anything with verboten signs on them because we were afraid they may be booby trapped. The German from BA that showed us where the entrance was (approximate location) said there was still military equipment in the barricaded rooms and that possibly the aviation fuel tanks were still underground. There was also at least one separate tunnel that branched off the main one. Sure wish I had taken a flash camera down and taken some pictures.

I went back in 1972 for the Olympics in Munich and the opening to the tunnel was sealed off and the anti aircraft tower was gone.

Being old and enjoying these memories is sure better than the alternative!
Bob “Boots” Barker