Tunnels at BA?

This is from Doug Gitt via a BA chat group:


I was an 058 in BA from 2/62 to 2/64. I have many pictures of that era including our gatherings at Hopingersee. I also have something not many people probably have ——- reel to reel tape recordings of our trick parties! I haven’t heard them in years since I no longer have a tape recorder/player but they probably include the voices of Steve Kjelland, Glen Stockwell, Tom Butters, Ray Schwabl, Paul Boggs and others on our Trick.

In 1963 I and some of these same people dug into the tunnel that started in the farmers field behind the kasern where the anti aircraft tower was. The tunnel came up under a church in town, although we didn’t go that far.

A German friend from town showed us where the concealed entrance was in the embankment and we dug until we found it. The pick marks were as though they had been made the day before.

There were rooms dug off to the sides of the tunnel and some rooms or side tunnels were barricaded and marked with “Verboten” signs.

The tunnel was probably 7 feet high and about the same wide. Some of the rooms off the side were small — maybe 8 ft deep and 20 ft long — with a normal size doorway. Other rooms were larger and some were barricaded. We didn’t attempt to enter anything with verboten signs on them because we were afraid they may be booby trapped. The German from BA that showed us where the entrance was (approximate location) said there was still military equipment in the barricaded rooms and that possibly the aviation fuel tanks were still underground. There was also at least one separate tunnel that branched off the main one. Sure wish I had taken a flash camera down and taken some pictures.

I went back in 1972 for the Olympics in Munich and the opening to the tunnel was sealed off and the anti aircraft tower was gone.

Being old and enjoying these memories is sure better than the alternative!
Bob “Boots” Barker Bobbgolf@earthlink.net


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