2007 Balta reunion directions and what to bring!

Hey Everybody,

The kegs have been ordered, so we figured we’d better let you know where to come to fill up your glass!

The address of the reunion site is 133 Clemons St. Marblehead OH. This is approximately an hour west of Cleveland.

From the north, south or west, you will probably want to find I-80/90 at your earliest convenience, and head east. I think a few of you will probably be heading through (or coming directly from) the Louisville area. You can take 65 to 69 to get to 80/90 in Indiana, or you can take 71 to 75 and hit 80/90 in northern Ohio. Sipper, you get to take 75 S to get there.

Once on 80/90 take OH-53 N via exit 91 (Port Clinton). Take OH-163 exit. Turn right onto 163. Looks like about 10 miles.

From the east…I-80 to OH-57 N exit 145 (Lorain). Take RT 2 west, then OH-269 N. Turn right onto 163.

As everyone is now on 163, you will pass Lakeside, OH. Approximately 1 mile east you will enter the village of Marblehead. In downtown Marblehead (don’t blink) you will be turning left onto Clemons Street. It is very narrow; looks like an alley. It is across the street from the School House Gallery, a large stone building with little shops in it. Head to the end of Clemons St….. its the big house.In response to the questions regarding what to bring……..

All bed linens, towels, etc. are provided. There are washers/dryers available for laundry.

It has been getting a bit nippy at night (high 40’s overnight yesterday). It is still very nice during the days, 70′-s-80’s,  could get even warmer. So, you’ll probably still want some shorts / t-shirts in your suitcase, but definitely some long pants for in the evening, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.

See you all soon……..

Sherri and Mike


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  1. hog Says:

    they forgot fake id’s and bail money

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