Lost Baltanian sighting

Lost Baltanian discovered!!
James A Herrington, a.k.a., ‘the Wolverine’, former 05H, mess hall cook, and world egg-eating record holder (72 hardboiled eggs in one hour… with mayonaise as a lubricant) has resurfaced.  Who can forget:*  His medical profile in which he supposedly contracted a medical condition in RVN that upset his metabolism and caused him to eat 50% – 100% percent  of his bodyweight every 24 hours…which led to his 2-hour meal breaks, unlimited 24/7 access to the mess hall…which led to making him a cook?

* His bucolic little cottage at Frau Fritz’s?

* His one-man-band concerts?

* His court-martial?

* His 30 day chain-gang holiday in Brunswick County, Georgia in ’72

After hearing rare tid-bits of Wolvo-sightings over the years:  his celebrated one-man-band stint at Fisherman’s Wharf for a few years, his ‘rebirth as an Evangelical Christian, he’s finally repackaged the best of Wolvo and family to become the ultimate cornball… the ‘CABOODLESTOPPERS, America’s funniest country family!’.  Kein Scheisse!
Don’t take my word for it, check out, www.thecaboodlestoppers.com.  
And, don’t worry Heid, I haven’t invited him to the reunion…yet!


4 Responses to “Lost Baltanian sighting”

  1. Mad Dog Says:

    WARNING: 1300 Hours MST
    A large offshoot of BALTA known as the Bad Aibling Jacobin Army, or BAJA, has recently formed south of the border. This new group intends to utterly destroy BALTA. END

  2. hog Says:

    Holy CRAP! I was there for the 72 egg thing . Pretty impressive for a skinny white kid. Quite the web site too. hog

  3. John Says:

    Wow! Scary site.
    America’s favorite country family……….nah….not if they knew!
    Maybe Sipper’s seen them. Bet they’ve been to the fair in Esky.

  4. BananaBoy Says:

    WARNING: 15:45 GMT

    A smaller but very active offshoot of BALTA known as Bad Aibling Mountain Folk Assoc (BAMFA)is active near us and moving rapidly to the SouthWest to destroy BAJA and reform as BAVAFA (Bad Aibling Volunteers and Friends Assoc). Those of you in or formerly in BAVFDA (pronounced bavfda) will understand the implications.

    JM aka Banana Boy

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