Reunion thanks from BJ

The site was wonderful and interesting with lots of extras all about to keep us all entertained.

Many thanks for your efforts and hard work.

My regret, besides not being able to visit with those that were not able to attend, is that there was beer remaining after we were all finished and gone and I am planning on getting in better beer drinking shape, (inspired by our friend Smoller), and doing more of my part in the future.

It really was great to see all of those that attended.

Thanks Stemples, BJBJBJB


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2 Responses to “Reunion thanks from BJ”

  1. John Says:

    A wonderful time with great friends in beautiful location. It couldn’t have been better, except if there had been a few more attendees.
    However, the bar has been set mighty high from the efforts of Sherri and Mike.
    It was surprising to find out that there was beer left over. I get my drinking inspirations from the Master’s: Dan, Doug and Pat. They are often immitated but seldom duplicated. I am looking forward to the next series of seminars, where ever they maybe held.

    Thanks for the great time Mike and Sherri.

  2. Doug Says:

    Perhaps Dan, Pat and I should charge for our “seminars”. Kinda like paying admission to a circus…

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