Shea’s cross-country trip update

Hi Dee

Just thought I’d let the group of pessimists in our midst know that the old tub made it to SF through cloudless desert days to a blizzard at Donner pass… And Dan and I are still friends!

The return trip is coming up next week.



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  1. BJBJBJB Says:

    Good to hear the car is performing properly and the trip is good for Bill and Senor Hayden.

    Bill is scheduled to stay overnight in Half Moon Bay on Wednesday, arriving that afternoon.

    I have picked a dinner spot for us at one of my favorites, down in the harbor, called Ketch Joanns, which has a full service bar attached. Since the fishing pier is a few feet away, the fish is fresh and plentiful. There is a view of the working fishing boats and the live-ins right outside the front window. After dinner includes a walk out on the fishing pier a stroll down to another bar where I weekly meet a friend to play pool. Wednesday at the Princeton Landing hosts a dart tournament so the pool end of the bar will be free for us.

    My next door neighbor is the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express on Hwy 1, about three blocks away from my apt. and he has given us a 50% off price for a room for Bill and traveling partner. He is providing a ground floor room so the old folks don’t have to trudge upstairs.

    Will be good to see Shea again even if I don’t have a few thousand saws for him to view.


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