Bar37 photos

bar37-1.jpgbar37-15.jpgbar37-31.jpgbar372.jpgTalkingbar37-9a.jpgbar37-13.jpgbar37-101.jpgRock n Roll Hall of Famebar37-16jpb.jpg      

I somehow lost the i.d’s, so here’s the long way.  From top left 1)Doug, Brian and Heidi; 2)Sam 3)Family dinner 4)Ed and Mike 5) Pat and Larry in foreground; Kathy and Sherri in background 6)Dan, Larry and Ed 7)Heidi and Jenelle 8)Brian and Brigitte 9)daytrip to Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame l/r DanH, Dan C. Larry, Ed, Pat, Heidi, Brigitte 10) l/r from Heidi, then Jenelle, Sam, Doug, Bill and John.

I’d love to post other reunion photos when you have them. 




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