Shea and traveling

Bill and Jani (sp) arrived on Wednesday afternoon, a sunny and clear day on the coast south of San Francisco. I met them on a road right on the beach. Got them checked into their room and paid a visit to my shop where the Ducati lives. Then it was off to the harbor and a sit down at the local brew pub for a couple of pints then across the street to a good local restaurant which sits on the pilings over the water with a view of the fishing and livein boats.Both of them ordered fresh fish plates with wayyy too much food and were stuffed beyond . . . .

A short walk out the pier to help dinner settle then a ride a couple of miles down the coast to a beach access parking lot where we hiked about one half mile across the field to see the sunset. Along the way we were visited by a large hunting owl that crisscrossed our path often.

At the beginning of road to the beach is a local pub that has this huge collection of beer cans and bottles and taps, a family sort of restaurant/pub that was swarming with young girls. The owner caters to the local girls softball teams which is appropriate since the fields are down the same road that we went to the beach.

After too much beer and food I escorted them to their room, early by most folks standards, about 9PM, and left them to get early to bed so they could get an early start on their drive to the L.A. area.

We were joined for the evening by my pool playing friend, Mac, who found the company stimulating and fun.

He missed them almost immediately and after leaving us after the pub, he called within minutes to tell them how good it was to meet them.

Good to see Bill and his journey which is going well and the car doing just fine. His friend Jani was a treat although we were not sure they would end the trip together, alive.



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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    Car still doing fine in Las Cruces, NM. Bullet hole in wall in Chandra’s room where Jani slept is memento of one of more-recent drive-byes. Can’t find bullet, but luckily Jani was asleep. Shea snored in Meg’s art studio along with belly-up roaches and black widows asphyxiated from paint fumes. Carolyn got out of the house – went to the Big Island to see the Iron Man. I’m fine, sorry to have missed the Marblehead affair. I think they left Las Cruces still alive. Anyway, they’re gone for now, at least. That’s all I’m allowed to say.

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