Shea: Home again

To anyone who might be interested, I just got home Thursday evening after 7,679 miles in the old tub.  As you know, my first co-pilot, Lt Gitt drove from Harrisburg to BaltaFest.  Thanks  a mega-bunch to Mike and especially Sherry for raising the bar again.  The house and setting could not have been better.

From Ohio, Dan Hayden and I headed west to Denver.  We hauled across the midwest logging 735 and 790 miles for the first two days to Denver.  There we stayed with Smoller (thanks much, John for the hospitality)…for a day before heading westward again toward SLC.  Then on to Reno.  The weather could not have been better nor the landscape more specacular.  From Reno to Tahoe however, through the Donner Pass we hit a major snowstorm (blizzard?) that had the road closed overnight and we felt lucky to get through.  Once we got to the Sacramento Valley, we were once again blessed with stunning California weather.  Spent two wonderful nights at the Cotlers in Benicia…thank you so much!

Megan (our daughter) and I spent the better part of a week in the Bay Area and drove up Hwy 1 to Ft Ross (sound familiar?) and back again.  Had dinner with Greg Morgan in Berkeley and saw some old 356 buddies.  Changed oil and other fun stuff.

I picked up my return trip co-pilot, Jani in SF and drove down to Half Moon Bay where we spent a very enjoyable evening with BJ and a friend of his (Danke Mucho, BJ).  The next day, we drove down Hwy 1 to the LA area and spent the night with another friend.

From there, we drove through Phoenix and on to Las Cruces, where we spend a wonderful day with Maddog (many thanks!) hike up in the Organ mountains.  Finally the trudge eastward through Rosswell, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma (sorry but we couln’t stop by, Sam), Arkansas, Memphis, Knoxville and up through Virginia, WV, MD and finally good ol’ PA.

The car performed like a champ (hear that Sam?) and, all things considered, purty dang comfortable.  Only car problems were the left radio speaker stopped working (can’t hear it anyway) and a wiper nut worked loose.  Lost less than 1/2 qt of oil in 3500 miles.

All in all, a wonderful trip full of Fun, Travel, Adventure!  Thanks to all the hospitality from everyone. 

 Now to start mowing…




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