Dee’s Honorary

Hey guys!  Some of you know that Pat and I have rowed shells for years.  This is the lake where we row, and this is the boat dedicated to me in honor of my years of service to  the club, Susquehanna Rowing Association. I’m thrilled and wanted to share.  Click on View All Images.




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6 Responses to “Dee’s Honorary”

  1. Hoben Says:

    Waaaay cool!


  2. hog Says:

    #1: So my mind runs wild with this dream of a midget in a white tux running along the river bank screaming, “Dee BOAT, Mr Rourke, Dee BOAT!”
    #2: Nice outfit. Penn colors? My thoughts go back to “Skimmer Weekend”, a big spring weekend at Penn where you were supposed to don straw hats and take your best gal down to the river to watch the crew races. Mostly you got hideously drunk (of course) and watched freshmen push their rental cars into the Schuylkill. Ah, those were the daze?

  3. Dee Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    The outfit sort of sucks, Hog! The shirt is a rowing club shirt, way big. I didn’t realize how big it was on me until I saw the photos. But I don’t care. And just old, comfortable sweatpants. I was going to wear rowing shorts…in fact..I have them on underneathe the sweats, but it was too chilly that morning for bare legs!

    DEE boat, Mr. Roarke! I love your imagination. That’s funny.

    Didn’t realize that you went to Penn. Never rowed on the Schuylkill, although Pat did and we watched sculling races there. So, I can appreciate your daze.

  4. hog Says:

    Two misspent years (@Penn), final semester spring 1967, left with a .5 GPA (that’s “point five”). Matriculated @Ft Dix, NJ on May 30, 1967 and the rest, as we say, is history!

  5. Fool Says:


    First time comment, but no Foolery.

    Hog spent most of his Time “at” Penn by sitting on a wall latenight and throwing beer cans (empty!) at the girls coming off the late shift from the White Tower!


  6. Fool Says:

    Dee, one other comment–I looked at my “published comment and the date/time noted was November 13, at 4:32 pm.

    The date was 11/14 at 11:34am–just thought I’d let you know.


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