Of course and as usual, John’s recollections are (nearly) spot on. – a few aberrations as to sequential ordering require noting and remediation. His references to “his (my) antique cars, hats and golf clubs (moving in) ” are sequentially and chronologically wanting because, in fact, those parts of my life’s baggage, never saw the light of day until much later!!! The spelling and grammatical usages issues, however, may be correct – THAT is not for me to judge but better left to others more completely educated than I.

Though some references to my overzealous attempts to keep my fellow soldiers high of spirit while absorbing the wrath of the likes of Das Erste Schwein and FatCoombs on their behalf, there are also glaring errors in that account! Item: I actually screwed the door handle mechanism to the door. Item: Again a chronological misplacement – first, I never “transferred” to the Fire House…..I created the Fire House and Post Fire Department, selected the first 11 firemen, arranged for separate rations for the Firemen THEN was unceremoniously dismissed as the founder and first Captain (see response to another friend’s misgivings under separate cover) over some confusion about my high spirits and happy demeanor being incorrectly related to drug use rather than my general love of life and fellow man (woman).

It was a very difficult time for me what with many of my co-workers and supposED friends thinking that because of my usually (and cleverly) unpunished defiance of authority, that I must be an undercover government infiltrator sent to uncover their attempts at defying the good efforts by our “leaders” to contain “their” youthful exuberance in molding a strong intelligence front on behalf of our glorious Nation. On the other hand our “leaders” were sure I had been sent by Satin himself to drive them to an early meeting with that supposED mentor……certainly a no win situation for me from all perspectives………and almost as certainly cause for my month long stay in Ward 8 at the Houston VA Hospital in the early 70s. Hey….I’m just sayin.



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  1. BananaBoy Says:

    I thought that our dear friend John Sikora would have sent this phot to you during the [ ] Hannan/Maddaog rememoriforcations recently but apparently not……. so I’ll forward it so you can all remember what a well dressed stud I was during my BA days. Love and happiness to all (mostly)

    JM (AKA Banana Boy)

    Photo sent under separate cover

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