Happy holidays from Brian

It is cold here, ice on the deck and the outside dog water bowl is frozen, temps begin at 30 degrees when we get up around 5:30AM and until the sun hits the house the temps barely go up a degree or two. Not our normal Winter in Northern California.

Dari and Xylia, my daughter and granddaughter are coming for the holidays but not until December 31, flying from Texas where she is stationed. They are being reassigned to New York state sometime around May of 2008. The latest word to Dari is that she should expect between 1 and 3 15 month tours, Iraq probably. I believe the routine is 15 months out and 3 back and then out again.

Xylia is 8 years old now and might see her Mom for a few months over the next four years if the tour thing takes place. No, I don’t know who will have custody of Xy but Grandpa did not offer.

Dari and Xy came for Thanksgiving and we were glad to see them for a brief 2 1/2 days. Xy and I took a couple of hikes up a nearby canyon, stopping to warm ourselves in the pools of sunlight and run through a clearing we ‘discovered’ slightly off the trail near a stream.

Luckily for Dari and Xy they were able to spend a year together in Korea where Dari was sent (for the second time) after she completed Warrant Officers training. She is now a Warrant Two. Life as an enlisted woman, Sgt 6 in the Motor pool, was a bit under the thumb of just about everyone else so Dari decided to stack a bit of clout on her side with the Warrant status.

I am thankful that we saw them recently and look forward to spending time at New Years. I find myself watching Dari a lot, trying to fix her face in my mind and listening to fix her voice in my heart. I don’t want her to go to Iraq.

Just wanted to share a window into our lives here and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. Stay safe and warm and find happiness where ever you can.

Many hugs and much love, BJBJBJBJ and Joy and our five hounds


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  1. Bear Says:

    5 hounds, huh? Must be a real treat to walk down the hills in the morning. Don’t forget to put the chains on.
    We’ll add Dari and Xy to the list with the other family members in harm’s way. We have an ex-nephew in law who’s a USMC warrant/crew chief (rear door gunner) on a 56. 3 tours so far. Another nephew, Army medic, who was extended but is now out after 2 tours. And now the USMC is certain that the Osprey is operational so we have a niece and nephew in law who will be deployed in first quarter ’08. Ain’t war wunnerful?
    We finally got to hold the new granddaughter a couple of weeks ago. Probably the beautifullest 3 month old in the galaxy. Best Christmas present I got.
    Hugs to everyone!

  2. Anne and Doug Says:

    Gawd, Bear! Our thoughts to you. (The good news here is Anne’s son-in-law is home after his 15 months in Iraq. So, for now, everyone here is in-country!

    Anne and Doug

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